Trstan Edit

Trstan on sevaral occesions when he uses the mask magisword

Trstan is a main character on MMS EA and realy dosent care about lots of things that nobody should care about and always has his first and favriote magisword the MASK MAGISWORD

Magiswords: Edit

  • Mask magisword
  • clapping magisword
  • ground pound magisword
  • mummy magisword
  • Zombie Pumpin Magisword
  • chewwing gum magisword
  • hoversword magisword
  • bommerang magisword
  • tiny bomb magisword
  • chiansaw magisword
  • sleeping dragon magisword
  • confusing alien magisword
  • bacon magisword
  • pencil magisword
  • ballpoint magiswords
  • bonehead magisword
  • frog missle magisword
  • gummy sticky hand magisword
  • levitaion magisword
  • Ninjaapperance magisword
  • pancake magisword
  • pixel magisword
  • yo-yo magisword
  • lego magisword
  • sticky note magisword
  • box of baby bears magisword
  • burrito love magisword
  • bear stack magisword
  • fish outa water magisword
  • hyper space magisword
  • smiley sticker magisword